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August 2019

Congratulations Dr. Bulseco!!!  Ashley successfully defended her PhD and is off to do a postdoc with Joe Vallino at the Marine Biological Laboratory and Julie Huber at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


December 2019

New fun paper out on our fair city! We did a paper examining the history of Boston's relationship with its harbor. Students in my class did a lot of the historical research to make this happen! Read more here.

Fig 1a.jpg

September 2018

Fungi!  See Pat's most recent paper on how nutrient enrichment affects salt marsh fungal communities! We observed an increase in the proportion of putative fungal denitrifiers!  Link to the paper is here.

Mimosas on the marsh 2016 IMG_1068.jpg

March 2018

Funded!  We are excited to get DOE funding from the Community Sequencing Program to sequence the metagenomes, transcriptomes, and metabolomes from the TIDE project samples! 


September 2018

Welcome to our newest PhD student, Brian Donnelly, who is coming to us from the Weston Lab at Villanova. Brian will be working on the biogeochemistry of tidal fresh marshes.

January 2018

We just translated our Nature Communications paper to publish it in the Environmental Science Journal for Teens.  This was SUCH a great Sci Comm effort! You can read an article about this work here, and access a PDF of the paper here.

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 4.54.33 PM.png

September 2017

New paper in Nature Communications!

You can learn more about the story behind the science here, read the paper here, and read the press release here!

September 2017

Congratulations!  Andrea Unzueta Martinez receives coveted NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!  Andrea will be studying the oyster microbiome for her dissertation work.

August 2017

One of the reasons we LOVE having NSF REU students work with us over the summer!  Check out our most recent paper in Aquatic Microbial Ecology  featuring one of our former REUs!


July 2017

Check out former graduate student Sarah Feinman's recent paper in Estuaries and Coasts on the effect of oyster farming on sediment bacteria.

January 2017

Congratulations Pat on successfully defending your PhD and best of luck in your postdoc at Michigan State in the lab of Ashley Shade

September 2016

Awesome article about our new lab at Northeastern University's Marine Science Center.

September 2016

New Nature Communications paper on the role of nutrients in promoting microbial dormancy.  You can also read the NSF press release on it here.

September 2016

The Bowen Lab is on the move!  I am thrilled to announce I just joined the faculty in the Dept. of Marine and Environmental Sciences at Northeastern

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