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Welcome to the Bowen Microbial Ecosystems Ecology Lab. We seek to understand the role microbes play in the functioning of coastal ecosystems and how we can harness those microbes to create more sustainable coastal communities. 



We are thrilled to announce new funding from NSF to support our grant "Not all nitrogen is created equal: Quantifying the effects of different nitrogen forms on marsh persistence". We are gearing up to perform paired marsh organ, field, and greenhouse experiments to examine the differential effects of nitrate and ammonium fertilization on marsh primary production and microbial ecology. This work is in collaboration with Randall Hughes, Anne Giblin, and Jim Morris.

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Bowen Lab Values 

 Our lab is committed to promoting diverse, equitable and inclusive research and learning spaces for all people. We believe that science and society benefit from a diversity of perspectives that are informed by the lived experiences of all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender identity or expression, ability, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship, or socio-economic status. We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any form and we acknowledge the harm that has been done to our profession by such behavior. We will use our privilege to fight against racism, discrimination, and implicit biases to build a more diverse and equitable future for the marine sciences.

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